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ADNE at RCN International Centenary Conference

Collaboration between a School Nurse (Pat Day), a Health Visitor (Gayle Hazelby) and ADNE Member / District Nurse (Jill Gould), enabled a well-received presentation on "the use of motivational interviewing in public health and community nursing to facilitate behaviour change". This was one of many fascinating topics at the RCN 100 Centenary Conference in London, that included attendees and presenters from around the globe. With the themes clearly focussed on patient-centred health for all, some interesting perspectives emerged, such as the recognised world wide deficit of over 8 million nurses. Another key concept was the "triple aim" that includes: health outcomes, the patient experience and efficiency / effectiveness.

Presenting on the topic of motivational interviewing for District Nurse, it was noted that despite the challenges due to nature of clientele (functionally dependent) and assumptions around changing behaviours late in life, MI has been shown to have some success in changing long-standing behaviours. NICE guidance and Cochrane reviews, firmly support it effectiveness for exercise and healthy eating (obesity), smoking, alcohol & substance misuse and to address some mental health issues. For District Nurse patients, it could be a moe effective approach to enabling a sense of ownership and facilitating self-care, with potential to impact positively on long-standing unhealthy behaviours.

The conclusion was that more needs to be done to spread the message, with practical recommendations to:

>Engage with MI to expand your understanding of its core principles and the training required

>Advocate for MI as a transferable skill set in which to make every contact count

>Ask for MI training

>Access resources and list of MINT trainers on the MINT website

>Embed MI within pre-registration and post-registration nursing curriculums


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