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Benefits of ADNE Membership

Becoming a Member (Lecturers) or an Associate Member(Mentors / Practice Teachers / CPEs) provides access to:

  • Resources and Information

  • Networking & Peer Support

  • Opportunities to raise the profile of District nursing

  • Invite and priority booking for PT Events

How to join

2. Set up payment:

  • Direct Debit*(preferred)

  • PayPal

  1. Complete the application form

3. Sign up for access to the members' area & email notifications ... enjoy!

Payment Options

Set up the payment method that is best for you.

Annual subs are due in November and can be paid at the ADNE Event

  • Preferred Choice: Standing order. ADNE Bank details shown after application form is submitted (or LINK or by email request).

  • To set up payment via PayPal, please use the links below. *Only use the annual subscription button in October/November

Online Payment

University Lecturers

Annual Subs £25.00
Practice educators
Associate Membership
Annual Subs £10.00

Please only use the "Subscribe" option in late October or November: that's when subs are due! Otherwise, please use the 1-off payment option below:

1-off subs Payment (PayPal)



1-off subs via PayPal