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Welcome to the home of the ADNE

The Association of District Nurse Educators (ADNE) is dedicated to excellence in Community and District Nurse practice and education.


Who are we?

ADNE Members and Associate Members are qualified District Nurses, with extensive knowledge and experience of university education and / or DN education within the practice setting.


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University Lecturers


Full Membership is for Lecturers or University educators throughout the UK who hold the NMC recognised Specialist Practice (SPQ) District Nurse qualification

Annual Subs £25.00
Practice educators


Educators in the practice setting can join as Associate Members. This provides support and networking opportunities with a group of practice educators throughout the UK.

Associate Membership
Annual Subs £10.00


The ADNE organises events twice a year for Associate and Lecturer Members 

Please scroll down the page for further meeting details & booking form. 

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Events & Meetings

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